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The companies page provides a listing of all companies organized by market.

Locating a Company:

There are two ways to locate a company. If you have a specific company in mind, use the search bar to search by name. If you would like to browse all companies in a market, click the checkbox next to the market name on the Select Market side bar. Use the arrows on the side bar to expand or collapse the market options. After selecting one or more markets, you can click on the company name to view the company details page.

Add a Company to your Watchlist:

There are two ways to add a company to your Watchlist. Either one will work; you do not need to click both. From the company list, locate the company and click the star in the right column until it is filled in. You can also click on the company name to go to the company details page and click the star next to the company name.

Company Details:

Each company page has an overview, list of locations, link to their website, product links, and other information. The bottom section of content shows the markets the company represents in a side menu. Click the markets to see more detailed information. To add the company to your Watchlist and follow their updates, click the star by the company name at the top of the page.