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Gap Analysis

Looking to understand the competitive landscape of products at a glance? The Gap Analysis is a visualization tool that gives you the product market information you need.

Using the Gap Analysis Table:

Choose one or more markets on the right-side bar to begin. The table shows company names in the left column and products in the table to the right. The table can be sorted by company name or product portfolio. In addition, clicking on the column headers will sort by that column. To lock a company name at the top of the table, click the lock box icon to the left of the company name when hovering over the company name. Anything above the blue line will remain at the top of the table. To unlock, click the same lock box icon.

Save, Open, or Export a Gap Analysis View:

You can save a view, open a saved view, or export the current view by clicking the buttons in the top right corner of the screen.

How to see company details:

To view company details, click the company name to be taken to the company overview page.

How to see product details:

To view product details, click the colored portion of the pill shaped box in the table and click the link listed in the popup.