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Product Explorer

Product Explorer allows you to view and compare products and how they are being used across the industry. Use this tool for research and to gain insight into product offerings available on the market today.

Product Table:

To add products to the Product Table, click the checkbox next to one or more market names on the Select Market side bar. All products within that market will appear in the table. Use the arrows on the side bar to expand or collapse the market options.

Customize the Product Table:

The Product Table can be filtered by Product Name, Company, Ownership, Segment, Indication, Class, Tech, Approach, Regulatory (US), Regulatory (International), Country, State, and Strategic Alliances. To filter, click the switchboard icon at the bottom of the column header, choose the filter option, and click the check button to apply the filter. To filter by Product Name, Company, State, and Strategic Alliances, enter the value in the search bar at the bottom of the column header. In addition to filters, you can customize the columns that appear on the table. Click the Column Options button and check or uncheck the columns you want to appear or hide on the table.

How to Compare Products:

To compare products, click the checkboxes in the left column of the products you want to compare and click the Compare Products button. In the compare screen, you can switch to text compare or icon compare. To take a product off of the compare list, unclick the checkbox and the product will disappear.

Save a Customized Product Table:

To save a table you have customized or the current table view, click the Save button and give the view a name. You can see your saved views at any time by clicking the Open button.

Download a Product Table:

To download the current Product Table view, click the Download button. The table will download as an excel spreadsheet.

Email a Product Table:

To email an excel spreadsheet of the current Product Table view, click the Share button, select an email address, and click Send Email.