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Financial Dashboard

Financial Dashboard provides you with a view into the value of your markets, and how your competitors are performing. It also provides you with the information you need for product development planning.

Understanding the Financial Dashboard Table

The Financial Dashboard table can be filtered by Market, Region and Time Period by using the filter drop-down boxes. You can also view by Companies or Markets. Clicking the Company/Partner name or Market Names will take you to down the tree of markets. To return to the market above, click the up arrow at the top left of the page. To see the previous view, click the left arrow. To export the current view of the table, click the Export button then Excel Report.

Understanding the Financial Dashboard Chart

The chart can be filtered by quarter by clicking the Chart Data drop down in the top left corner. The chart can be viewed in percentages or dollars as a pie chart or bar graph. Click the Enlarge button at the bottom of the chart to see a larger image. To export the chart displayed on the screen as an image, click the Export button at the top of the page and then Chart PNG.

What is a Scenario?

A scenario is a way for users to change the numbers on the Financial Dashboard without affecting the published data.

How to Create a Scenario

The first step in creating a scenario is by clicking the Manage Scenario drop down and Create Scenario. Name the scenario and choose for it to be private or shared with one of your teams. The scenario will open automatically once created, but no data has been saved to it yet. You can tell which scenario you are in by looking for the name next to Financial Dashboard at the top left of the screen.

How to Edit a Scenario:

To edit a scenario, first open it by clicking Open Scenario and clicking the scenario you want to edit. To edit a scenario, you must be on the lowest level of data, meaning, the lowest market or company in the hierarchy. Once on the screen you want to edit, click the Edit Scenario button. The only fields editable are the dollars. Click the field you want to change, change the numbers, and click enter for the value to save. Next, you must click the Edit button and Save Changes. Once saved, click Edit and Clear Changes (this does not actually clear the changes if you have already clicked save. It simply takes you out of edit mode). To return to the published data, click Open Scenario and SmartTRAK Data.